Lace Tint Spray
Lace Tint Spray
Lace Tint Spray
Lace Tint Spray
Lace Tint Spray
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Lace Tint Spray

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Item: Lace Tint Spray designed to give your Lace Wigs a more natural look, formulated to match your skin tone and make the lace disappear. Your bleaching days are over just Spray and Slay

Formulated to match your skin
Dries quickly
Leaves no residue on hair
Available in 3 colours

How to use:

Shake the Lace Tint Spray well and hold it 1 - 3 inches away from your lace,
evenly spray the inside of your lace and use blow dryer to dry it. For more toned colour
repeat the process until you get the desired tone.

Enjoy the natural look of your lace

Shipping: 2 - 3 Business days


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